Traditional Braces

At Banasiak & Nettune, we offer a comprehensive selection of orthodontic techniques to help you achieve straighter teeth. Our experienced orthodontists offer the latest and most effective options to optimize your comfort and results. By evaluating your anatomic needs and listening to your cosmetic goals, we can develop a customized treatment plan that provides the best possible experience for you. Find out more about our array of options below, and contact us today for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Traditional Metal Braces

metalTypically the most recognizable type, metal braces are one of the most common options for teeth straightening. While earlier versions of this treatment were associated with discomfort, modern enhancements have made numerous improvements in the design. Comprised of high-quality stainless steel metal brackets and archwires, our “traditional” braces should feel far more comfortable than the metal braces of the past. Furthermore, you can customize the look by choosing from a broad selection of colorful rubber bands (elastics). You can dress up your smile to suit your tastes and even change the look at every appointment.

Ceramic Braces


If metal is too bold for you, our ceramic braces may be the right choice. The materials are more transparent and therefore less noticeable. Older teens and adults typically prefer this style for cosmetic reasons. It’s important to note that good oral hygiene is essential with ceramic braces. The brackets are also slightly larger, and the material can be more fragile than traditional metal appliances. As a result, ceramic braces are more commonly placed on the top front teeth to reduce the amount of wear and tear. Ceramic braces are a great choice for many individuals, and we are happy to discuss the benefits with you at your appointment.


Clear, comfortable, and convenient, Invisalign® teeth aligners are inconspicuous and can be removed so you can eat, drink, brush, and floss. The nearly invisible orthodontic appliance has no metal parts, which can reduce discomfort throughout the treatment process. To achieve the desired result, you will wear a series of customized clear aligners that gradually straighten your teeth and improve bite alignment.

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Empower® Brackets

Self-ligating braces, available from several brands, typically offer a faster, more comfortable treatment experience than traditional braces. We choose to utilize the American Orthodontics brand, because the company emphasizes quality, durability, and efficacy. Furthermore, all the products are made right here in the USA. To give you a choice in style and to better fit your needs, Empower® braces come in both metal and clear models. The brackets require no elastics and cause little to no pressure on the teeth. The revolutionary orthodontic design provides a more hygienic experience, as well. As a result, you can achieve straighter, more beautiful teeth with less hassle.

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If you’d like to talk more about how braces can help you achieve straighter teeth, contact our office today. We can answer your questions or help you schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our orthodontists.