Thanks to the expertise of Drs. Banasiak and Nettune, my entire family has beautiful teeth. Both doctors far exceed expectations in term of competence and professionalism; they are true artists in the field of orthodontia. Their highly skilled staff is knowledgeable and friendly. in addition, all their offices are inviting and efficiently run. To that end, it is without reservation that I wholeheartedly recommend Drs. Banasiak and Nettune.Kate Grochala

I am happy to say my experience with is always very positive. The entire staff displays complete competence, professionalism, and friendliness each visit with myself and my children. It’s a good feeling to know my family is in good hands with orthodontics.Kristin Anderson

Dear Dr. Banasiak and Dr. Nettune,As my son Tyler just had his braces taken off the other day, I thought this would be a great opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for him. His teeth look amazing, and we are just so happy with the final result. We had heard that you were both perfectionists and that was evident throughout his treatment, but truly stood out in the last few weeks. You wouldn’t take off his braces until his teeth were 100%. But I have to say, it was worth the wait, they are perfect!I also can’t say enough about the honesty and kindness you have shown toward my children. When my daughter came in recently for the first time, she was absolutely terrified. Dr. Banasiak, you were kind and caring to her. You made her relax instantly and it became a fun visit. She keeps asking when she can go back, which is a huge compliment, coming from her. Dr. Nettune, when you told my middle son that his teeth looked great and he might not need braces, I have to say I was once again impressed. Regardless of whether he needs them one day or not, I appreciate your honesty and the fact that you truly look as each child as an individual.I would be remiss if I didn’t mention your wonderful dental assistants and office staff. Your dental assistants are outstanding. They are all well trained, kind and do a great job of explaining to patients what they are going to do. They are also very friendly, as always talk to the kids about school, activities, etc. As for your office staff, they are very informative, helpful and welcoming. They are always professional and help to make the office run smoothly and efficiently.Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job with all of my children.Debbie Moldovan