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“Back to School in Style” contest winners are: Gianna O. from Woodland School (Photo Below) Olivia T. from Mendham Elementary Alex F. from W. Annin Middle School (Photo Below)

While everyone understands that a dentist takes care of teeth, not everyone is aware of what an orthodontist does. This confusion sometimes leads to misunderstandings about what Nettune & Banasiak Orthodontic Associates does for our patients and how exactly Drs. Roger Nettune and Kenneth Banasiak can help them. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of the myths and misconceptions about orthodontists. Perhaps the biggest misconception about the orthodontist is that they’re just like your family dentist. The truth is, they’re actually very different. While it’s true that both orthodontists and dentists care about helping you enjoy a lifetime of good dental and oral health, orthodontists go about achieving this goal in different ways. For instance, if you need […]

Kids can be picky eaters. How many times have you seen your child try to hide the peas under a mound of mashed potatoes? At Nettune & Banasiak Orthodontic Associates, Drs. Roger Nettune and Kenneth Banasiak and our team understand how hard it can be to get your child to eat the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. The task of providing fun, nutritious meals becomes even more challenging if he or she wears braces. It’s an age-old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. These five braces-friendly recipes are not only nutritious, but they will have little Jimmy flashing his “tin grin” when he sits down at the kitchen table in the morning. Scrambled […]