Ask Drs. Roger Nettune, Kenneth Banasiak: “How do I prevent tooth decay during my treatment?”

Great question!

If you are brushing and flossing daily during your orthodontic treatment with Drs. Roger Nettune, Kenneth Banasiak, we think that’s great! But, don’t forget that it’s also important for you to visit your general dentist every 3-to-6 months in addition to brushing your teeth and flossing (and visiting Banasiak & Nettune Orthodontic Associates, of course). Regular dental checkups are important for maintaining good oral health, especially during orthodontic treatment.

Tooth decay, which is caused by sugars left in your mouth, can turn into an acid, which in turn can break down your teeth. Children are at high risk for tooth decay because adolescents tend to be lax in their oral hygiene habits. Proper brushing and flossing routines, combined with regular dental visits, help keep tooth decay away.

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