Drs. Banasiak & Nettune are supporting Moms for Mouth Guards

Hey, Moms! Have you signed the Moms for Mouth Guards Pledge?

At our office, we care about your pearly whites, and we want to help keep you protected from sports injuries that can be damaging to your beautiful smile. As a way of ensuring that children are using proper facial protection equipment, our friends at the American Association of Orthodontics have introduced the Moms for Mouth Guards Pledge.

Mouth guards are vital to protecting your teeth from sports related injuries while participating in sports, such as football, soccer, baseball, hockey and basketball, just to name a few. The Moms for Mouth Guards Pledge is a way for moms nationwide to make a commitment to protecting their children’s smile from facial injuries.
We’ve discussed the importance of using facial protection in the past. Today, we thought we’d invite moms to take action by visiting the Moms for Mouth Guards
website and taking the Moms for Mouth Guards Pledge.

Have a safe week everyone!