Why Advanced Technology Matters for Optimal Orthodontics

For many different products and services, the latest and greatest version is typically the most desirable option. Why? Because improvements have been made, kinks have been resolved, and processes have been streamlined—all of which can provide a superior final commodity/outcome and better overall consumer experience.

The same concept holds true in orthodontics: treatment methods are continually advancing, as are the technologies that make these new-age techniques possible. Consequently, selecting an orthodontist who continually adopts and utilizes the latest, most cutting-edge orthodontic technology available can result in optimal efficiency, efficacy, and outcomes for a wide variety of treatments.

At Banasiak & Nettune, we employ i-CAT 3D CBCT radiography, iTero digital impressions, JUELL 3D printing, and more, positioning our practice as a leader in the utilization of the field’s most advanced orthodontic systems. In fact, we are the only practice in the Basking Ridge and Mendham areas to exclusively use 3D digital technology. This is beneficial to patients in that it allows us to provide improved diagnostics, greater comfort, and more efficient care for Invisalign® and various other teeth straightening systems. As an added benefit, being fully digital enables us to reduce our eco-footprint on the environment.

Ultimately, advanced orthodontic technology isn’t just a flashy attempt to attract patients—it truly allows us to optimize planning, treatment, and final outcomes for beautiful, healthy smiles. To learn more about the technologies we utilize, or if you are interested in orthodontic care and wish to schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to contact Banasiak & Nettune today.